• Coatings

    Description :The color of the ship's surface, each warship will have painted parts, using paints on warships can changed the color coating of different parts.
    Obtain :Shop offers.


    Description :The paint styles of the warship parts. After use, the styles of painted parts of warships can be changed, such as solid color styles, double color or even camouflage patters.
    Obtain :Shop offers.


    Description :The 3D insignia on the warship is used to indicate the power of the ship and characteristics of the warship.
    Obtain :Shop offers/ Steam workshop

    Logo Decals

    Description :An icon painted on the warship for a more personalized warship display.
    Obtain :Shop offers/ Steam workshop

  • Weapon description

    The base model binds the ship's main weapons, sub weapons, and similar components, with each warship having at least 3 alternatives; Warships can also replace secondary weapons; Each ship model has at least 3 alternatives.

    Weapons classification

    Main Weapon
    Secondary Weapon

  • Skill module specification

    The assembly modules means there will be all kinds of warships on the battlefield making them abundant, with reasonable module selection some can to an extent completely change the role of a ship; Each type of warship has a set of modules that can be developed and unlocked during the process of the game; Each type of warship has no fewer than 30 different modules that can be unlocked for research and development; Each warship can assemble 4 modules on the battlefield during battle.

    Skill module classification

    Primary :Main attack module
    Secondary :Secondary module
    Perimeter :Defense skills module
    Internal :Power skill module

  • Each class of battleship has a front, two sides and a tail which can be refitted and replaced. Each part has 5 sets of different attributes, and each compnent has 1-5 grades of rarity.
    Each ship has 4 parts that can be replaced.
    Each site has 5 sets of different training programs.
    Each module has 5 levels of rarity.
    The summary for changes that can be carried out go as 4*5*5.