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The World of Fringe Wars: 3-Kingdom Battle in the Future

07/21/2017 06:56

Terra Empire (TERRA)

Within the galaxy, the oldest history of the galaxy, humanity has been moving towards unity since they first stepped out of the solar system. The Terra Empire was the first regime to achieve the unification of all mankind. For thousands of years, the Empire experienced countless coups, civil strige and power struggles. Although no longer the sole ruler of human glory, there is still no doubt that the Empire firmly occupies the Orion Belt to the depth of the Perseus Spiral star domains, TERRA still is the most formidable force in the Milky Way, with the imperial fleet, still looking to dominate all enemies who intend to intervene with the Empires goals.


Titanium Information-Industrial Complex (TIIC)

As a growing force in the galaxy, the Titanium Information-Industrial Complex was originally the in the domain of the Empire's frontier region of constellations. With the development of techonology and the split within the Tara Empire, the TIIC gradually separated from the Empire and became an independant political entity. For hundreds of years, TIIC has been developing rapidly and has accumulated countless amounts of wealth through the development and technological advantages of new stars and their systems. Today, TIIC has become the largest economic powerhouse entity in the galaxy. And the convoy of the TIIC, in countless battles, has shown excellent performance in matching the high costs.


Federation of Free Planets (FEDS)

The Federation of Free Planets are the pioneers frustrated with the Empire and turn to environmental ways, fed up from the internal struggle of politicians, the failure of business investments,aristocrats with no right to inherit the ambitions of young and lively adventurers. The union is a new paradise that embraces all these things. In less than a thousand years, they have occupied the southern outskirtrs from Federal arms, a galaxy of arms that can rival the Empire's strong constellation grip. Without halt in exploration the Federation of Free Planets continues to send it's fleets further and deepr into the galaxy, further expanding it's horizons.