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The Origin of All

11/28/2017 06:32

During the galactic war between Terra Empire and Federation of Free Planets 300 years ago, Terra Empire claimed victory and occupied Emerson space mine, thus, following the rule for naming their territories, the Empire named this space mine EM-3078SV. After years of carefully building and management, Emerson mine field became the biggest mine field in the entire Zero sector. This mine supported the Empire’s fleet by producing huge amount of resources. The Empire also sent its elite forces to protect the field to insure the continues production of crystal minerals.

Nowadays, following the decline of the Empire and the exhaustion of the mine filed itself, this once great galactic mine field has been forgotten and buried by the time, only the giant, abandoned mining machines and shabby control center still stand. For the Empire, Emerson mine field becomes a long forgotten and meaningless ruin, those elite forces once stationed here were left as well.

However, for galactic mercenaries, Emerson’s remaining crystals and machines left behind by the Empire are still very attractive for them. Year after year, surrounding the Emerson’s control center, galactic mercenaries launched a never-ending battle against each other. Long abandoned control center became covers for their ships during battles; smaller ships can even running among some broken space stations.

Asteroid belt near the control center was once a mineral rich planet, the planet was cut into pieces by the Empire, and the remains became the asteroid belt orbiting the control center. This became another battle for galactic mercenaries, and only for galactic mercenaries, every gram of crystal is worth dying for.